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Check here for all the information for the Remote Dart Leagues! Rules, schedules, and standings can all be found here! Any questions about general dart rules, game play, and specific Cricket rules can be answered below. If you can't find your answers here, please contact us!


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Monday Night - x - x

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1.   Each team must turn in a roster of two (2) shooters, before the first night of league play. This is an open league, so both men and women can be on the teams.

2.   A minimum of one (1) regular shooters, must shoot every week. If you shoot with less than one regular, YOU FORFEIT.   If you have to make a sub a regular, you must call or come to Allied Games to have it changed d.

3.   Subs must be in by the last 4 weeks of the season. None will be allowed after.  

4.   If a person shoots on your team once, that person is locked into your team, even if you didn’t specify them as a sub.

5.   If you drop a shooter or sub from your roster, they may not shoot on another team. They are locked into your roster until the end of the season.  

6.   NO HARASSMENT, foul or abusive language from players or spectators will be tolerated. Any substantiated complaint against a player or team will result in a single warning. The second offense during the season will result in a forfeiture of the match, with all eleven (11) games going to the offended team.

7.   Any physical violence from a player or team can result in expulsion of that player or team, with forfeiture of all wins and prize fund money paid.

8.   Abuse of any equipment may be grounds for  

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1.   In “Cricket” a player or team wins when all numbers are closed out, and your score equals or beats your opponents score.   If your opponent has a higher score, you must get a higher score before they close their numbers out.

2.   Players may use any factory issued darts, as long the do not exceed sixteen (16) grams or eight (8) inches in length. “Bar darts” may also be used if the player wishes to use them.

3. A dart thrown, that sticks but does not register, may not be manually scored. If a player manually scores that dart, his team forfeits that game.

4.   THE DART BOARD IS ALWAYS RIGHT--If the machine is not operating correctly, and a technician cannot fix the dart board, team captains will decide if play should be continued, or make up the remaining games at a later time.

5.   Players must not stand beyond the foul line while throwing. 

6.   Teams must play with a minimum of half their regular shooters playing on each league night.

7.   Each team will play all other teams, as dictated by the schedule. ( i.e. Home, Away)

8.   Each win counts as one point on the weekly standings, the team with the most wins at the end of the league wins the league.

9.   Game time is 7:30 p.m. Teams will have a 15 minute grace period to show up. If a team has not shown up by 7:45 p.m., the present team may declare a forfeit. In the event of a forfeit, the winning team must pay their teams weekly money, and they will be given the eleven win points.

10. If neither team shows up within 30 minutes, there will be a double forfeit. ( i.e. both teams will receive zero win points.)

11. Any team forfeiting two times in a row, without excused absence, will be terminated from the league for the rest of the season. All prior matches for this team will be awarded as all eleven win points to the opposing teams.

12.   In the case of extenuating circumstances, play may be made up, if both captains agree and make arrangements with ALLIED GAMES in advance.

13.   Players pay their own quarters for games.

14.   Bars will not charge a cover charge for dart shooters, while shooting leagues on a league night.

15.   It is EACH PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to see that the machine is displaying the player’s name or number, prior to throwing any darts. If a player throws when the machine is displaying another’s name, the opponent has the option of accepting the score, or resetting the machine to the players name who originally threw wrong.

16.   Team captains are responsible for collecting the league fee from each of the players on his/her team. Generally it is $10.00 per player, unless voted otherwise at the beginning of the league. Teams will put money into the dartboard when it is asked for.

17.   Payoff of prize money at the end of the season will be awarded, based on total team win points. Each win will have a dollar value based on the amount of money paid into the prize fund, in each flight. Each team will then receive their share of the prize fund (100% payback from weekly league fees).
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 Starting Remote League on Galaxy 3 Dartboard

1. Select League Menu
2. Select Play REMOTE League
3. Select your team and whether your Home or Away
4. Select your opposing team for the night
5. Wait for Opponent to do the same and connect to the match
6. Only feed team's money once the opponents have connected and the league has begun.
**If you put your money into the machine prior to the opponent logging in and they end up not playing, you will have to put any remaining credits on a Hot Button.


1.   The object of the game of cricket is to get at least three (3) marks on numbers, ranging from fifteen (15) to twenty (20), and bullseyes.

2.   If your opponent achieves this first and has a higher or equal score than you, they will win. If you achieve this first, you win.

3.   Double bull will be active for cricket, in order to comply with state and national dart regulations.

4.   If a game goes to the cutoff point of 35 rounds, the team with the higher SCORE will be declared the winner, by the dart machine.

 5.   In team cricket there will be a rotation of all players on any given team, playing two at a time (from each team), using the same score.  



1.   The object of the game is for someone to get to zero.

2.   If you achieve this first, you win. Unless you are "Frozen", then it is a loss

3.   FROZEN - If your parner's score is more than your opponent's score added together, You are frozen.

4.   If a game goes to the cutoff point of 35 rounds, the team with the lowest SCORE will be declared the winner, by the dart machine.



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