Summer Pool League

Check here for all the information on Beloit Summer Pool Leagues! Rules, schedules, and standings can all be found here! . If you have any other questions, please contact us!  


Monday-Tuesday 3s

Wednesday Night Couples

Red - White - Blue - Orange




Monday-Tuesday 3s

Wednesday Night Couples
Red - White - Blue -Orange

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1. Each team will consist of six (6) players, three (3) sets of male & female partners.

2. There will be a fee of $5.00 per player per week that will be added to the prize fund. Then at the end of the league, EVERY TEAM GETS AN AWARD!!

3. The playoffs will be held at the end of league play.


1. Each team must turn in a roster of six (6) players, three (3) men and three (3) women before the first night of league play.

2. ANY and ALL roster changes must be turned in to Allied Games at least 24 hours before the next game played.

3. If a player or sub drops from a team roster, he or she may not play on another team that season. He or she may only return to that team that he or she was dropped from. Once a player plays on a team, they can only play for that team

4. If a sponsor drops a team, the sponsor will not be allowed a team that season. Those persons dropped will be allowed to pick up a new sponsor.

5. If a team drops a sponsor, that team will not be allowed to play on another team that season. The sponsor will be allowed to pick up a new team to finish out that season.

6. No “A” listed players or pro players will be allowed in the league.

7. No one under 21 years old will be allowed in the summer pool league.


1. At least four (4) men or women, from the roster must play every match. Less than four (4) will result in a forfeit. The missing player's game is not considered a forfeit, until the missing player comes up to shoot!

2. Visiting team play: (1-2-3), (1-2-3), and (1-2-3). Home team rotates (1-2-3), (2-3-1), and (3-1-2). All nine games must be played. (Exception -- see-PLAYING 1.)

3. The visiting team calls the coin flip for every break.

4. Until the decision is made (solid/stripe), all balls are neutral, except the eight ball (Unless voted otherwise).

5. When breaking, the cue ball is not required to hit the lead ball in the rack first.

6. On a break, if the (8) ball is pocketed (without scratching), the game is automatically won by the breaker. If there is a scratch on an eight (8) ball break, it is an automatic loss.

7. If on a break, or after the break, (when the choice of balls is still in decision) if one or more stripe and one or more solid are made (1 stripe & 2 solids, 2 stripes & 1 solid, 2 stripes & 2 solids, etc), there has been no decision made and the table is still open, and all balls are considered neutral except the eight (8) ball. NEUTRAL=you may hit a stripe into a solid, or vice versa, in order to make a ball. You may use the 8 ball in the combo, after you hit a stripe or solid. You may not hit the 8 ball first!.

8. Cue ball off the table is considered a scratch. Any object ball that comes off the table is to be spotted, and is considered a scratch. If the (8) ball leaves the table, either by illegal shot or illegal contact (Hitting the 8-ball with a stick, hand, or any other object), it is considered a LOSS. Any scratch while the shooting team is on the 8 ball is a loss.

9. ANY CONTACT of the cue ball and cue stick is considered a shot.

10. The team captains are to agree on the placement of any ball that is accidentally moved or removed.

11. If the (8) ball drops into a pocket without contact, the game is void and must be replayed using the same players.

12. On the break, (2) balls from the rack must go to the rail! If not, the next shooter has these options:

a) Rerack and let the opponent rebreak.

b) Rerack and let the next shooter break.

c) Play the balls where they lie.

13. The person whose turn it is to shoot may only discuss their particular shot with their partner, and/or their team captain while at the table. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the lose of that shooters particular shot! No visible marks on the table to mark shot. (Holding fingers, chalk, cue stick, etc.)


15. If the captain is not there on the night that you shoot, tell the opponent who the co-captain is.

16. Any player banned from a particular bar must notify Allied Games. ASAP


1. Most wins determine the divisional winner and second place. In the event of a tie at the end of league play, teams will playoff before tournament play begins.

2. Visiting team captain is responsible for turning in the league fees and score sheets each week, to receive credit in the final standings. TIME LIMIT - scores are to be put in the dartboard at Town Club or Suds O’Hanahan’s by 6:00p.m. Thursday night. Scores not in by the deadline will not receive credit for that weeks play, wins or loses.

3. Forfeited games: The winner will receive (5) games, and the forfeiting team is still responsible for that weeks league fees. Losers receive none.

4. Each team will comply with the following two (2) forfeiture rule!

1st forfeit night : The team forfeiting the match will receive "0" points toward the final standings, and is still responsible for paying that weeks league fees.

2nd forfeit night: All teams in that particular division will be notified in writing that the (3) time forfeiting team has been dropped from the league, and each team will be given 5 wins for the nights that they were to play the dropped team. All matches on the schedule for the dropped team will be considered BYES.


1. All matches are to be played on the night designated by the schedule, unless agreed upon in advance by both teams. All individually rescheduled matches must be made up before the next league night, or a determination of the match outcome will be made under SCORING 3 by the rules committee.

2. All matches shall start at 7:00P.M. for both leagues, unless agreed upon by both teams in advance.

3. Each team will be given until 7:15P.M. to have it's players or it will be considered a forfeit! (See SCORING 3)


1. There will be a single elimination playoff.

2. First team to win five (5) games in the playoffs wins that round.

3. The tournaments will be played in the bars, with the final 4 teams meeting at a neutral bar at 6:30 pm the following week.

4. To shoot in the tournament you must have shot in the league at least one week.

5. All money will be disbursed at the last night of tournament.

6. You do not have to pay league fees during the tournament. Score sheets must still be dropped into the dartboard at the Town Club.



Eight ball markers will be used in tournament play!

During the season, the home team has the choice of weather to use a marker to mark the eight ball pocket!!

All rules are subject to change by majority vote at league meetings

If you have any questions, please contact Dave at Allied Games.

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