Country Tavern Pool League

Check here for all the information for the Country Tavern Pool Leagues! Rules, schedules, standings and extra forms can all be found here! Any questions about your rosters, game play, scoring, and when you shoot can be answered below. If you can't find your anwers here, please contact us!

Country Tavern Pool League Country Tavern Pool League

Current Team Listing

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Fax In Sheet (to be given to Bartender)



  1. This is an open league comprised of teams from bars in the Milton-Edgerton, Wisconsin area.
  2. Player fees will be $3.00 per player per night.
  3. Team captains are to make sure that the player fees and score sheets are turned into one of the two drop off points in the area. Team captains are responsible!
  4. Sponsor fees will be $25.00 per team, and are due by the second week of play.

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  1. Permanent roster is due by the second week of pool leagues.
  2. Each team consists of four (4) players with four (4) designated subs.
  3. If a new player is added to the roster, the team captains shooting that night must approve it. No new players can be added during the last five weeks of the season.
  4. Players on a roster may not shoot for another team. If they shoot on another team, that team is subject to forfeiture of that week's points.
  5. No player may sub for a person more than two weeks in a row without being added as a regular shooter.
  6. If you have a question about someone on your roster, feel free to call Dave at Allied Games and he will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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  1. If two balls hit a rail on the break, the break is considered a legal break and play continues. If at least two balls do not hit a rail, it is not a legal break.
  2. If a player miscues on the break and the rack is not disturbed, the player may attempt a rebreak.
  3. Should a player miscue on a break, and the played stops the cue ball in any way, this will constitute a foul and the player loses the break. If their opponent then makes an eight ball break, the breaker wins.
  4. Should a player miscue, move the cue ball or any other ball during the game, it is considered a foul and that player loses their turn.
  5. Each player will play a total of 4 games per night.
  6. The eight ball is not neutral and my only be used in combinations, when your ball is struck first.
  7. The opposing captain has the choice if a fouled ball to be moved back to the place it was moved from.
  8. A scratch at anytime is a forfeit of your shot.
  9. Should a ball be knocked off the table at any time during a game, the ball is to be spotted. If a ball is blocking the spot (spot where the head of the rack sits), the ball is then to be spotted directly behind the ball on the spot.
  10. If you intentionally hit your opponent’s ball, or the eight ball, you automatically lose your turn.
  11. If the eight ball is made on the break, it is considered a win and nine points will be given to the shooter.
  12. If the eight ball is made on the break and the cue ball scratches, it is considered a loss and the opposing player will be awarded nine (9) points.
  13. The officers will settle any league grievance by 6:00 p.m. on the next night of leagues.
  14. Home team puts money in 1 st and 3 rd rounds, and then breaks in the 2 nd and 4 th rounds.
  15. YOU MUST CALL YOUR SHOT! You must call the pocket you are shooting for, however you do not need to call the path your ball takes to get to that pocket.
  17. Cue ball off the table is considered a scratch. Any object ball that comes off the table is to be spotted, and is considered a scratch. If the (8) ball leaves the table it is considered a LOSS.
  18. If the captain is not there on the night that you shoot, tell the opponent who the co-captain is.
  19. Coaching is allowed, only when asked for. You may only ask one teammate for help, and that teammate may not approach the table. It is a team foul and loss of turn, if someone offers coaching when not asked, or the coach approaches the table.
  20. No Jump Shots or Massé- Massé is determined as: hitting down on the cue ball in order to curve it around another ball.

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  1. Most wins determine the winner and second place. (Best percentage of wins) In the event of a tie at the end of league play, teams will playoff before the end of the year banquet.
  2. Each team captain, co-captain or sponsor is responsible for turning in his or her score sheets and money each week to receive credit in the final standings. TIME LIMIT - scores are to be turned into the designated bars within 24 hours of shooting. Scores not in by the deadline will not receive credit for that weeks play, wins or loses.
  3. There will be a $5.00 fine for score sheets that are not turned in within 24 hours of shooting.
  4. Scoring for players will be one point for each of your opponent’s balls that are left on the table plus two points for making the eight ball.
  5. Should you hit the eight ball off the table at any time, it is considered a loss and you opponent will receive one point for each of your balls remaining, plus two points for the eight ball.
  6. If there is a scratch on the eight ball or the eight ball is pocketed in the wrong pocket, it is considered a loss and your opponent will receive two points.
  7. Forfeited games : The winner will receive five wins and 20 points (5 points per player). Losers receive none.
  8. Should a team forfeit two weeks in a row, they will automatically be removed from the league and a bye will replace them.
  9. Byes on the schedule will be awarded "0" points in the final standings.
  10. If a player does not show up to play, the opponents get five points per match that player would have played. If that player shows up during match play, he/she may finish out the night.
  11. If a sponsor bar closes for any reason, that team will be allowed to move to another bar, as long as the new home bar doesn’t have scheduling conflicts.

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  1. All matches are to be played on the night designated by the schedule, unless agreed upon in advance by both teams. All individually rescheduled matches must be made up before the next night of league.
  2. All matches shall start at 7:00PM sharp!!
  3. Each team will be given until 7:15PM to have its players or it will be considered a forfeit!
  4. There will be no leagues shot during Thanksgiving (deer hunting), Christmas and New Years.
  5. Sponsors are responsible for properly lighted, clean and level pool tables.
  6. Trophies will be awarded to 1st Place bar and shooters. 2nd and 3rd Place teams receive bar plaques. There will also be trophies for top points for women and men.

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