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Check here for all the information for the Stateline Area and Beloit Cricket Dart Leagues! Rules, schedules, and standings can all be found here! Any questions about general dart rules, games played, scoring, dart requirements, playing the match, sportsmanship, and payouts can be answered below. If you can't find your answers here, please contact us or contact your league representatives!


If anyone knows of people looking to play darts, please have them contact Allied Games. Thank you!


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(adapted in part from WAMO State Tournament)


The following rules are set as a guideline to help the captains solve a problem when a disagreement arises. Common sense and good sportsmanship are to be used to cover any questions that may arise during a match and not covered explicitly in these rules. These are general rules which cover the four player team event.


Team game 301 (doubles-one player per score) straight out -6 games.

Team game cricket (2 players per score, 2 scores)-6 games.

Team game of 501 for the 13 th game.

For the 13 th game, all players play on 4 scores of 501 (2 players per score).Players can be rotated before this game begins.

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If machine displays a "segment stuck" the player must remove the stuck dart before continuing.

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Players may use their own darts if they meet the following specifications. No player may use rosin or a foreign substance.

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However, once the playoffs start, you can only substitute a player with an equal or lesser average than the person they are replacing.

All teams will play every team. At the end of the schedule, a single elimination traveling trophy tournament will be run. The league will be divided into 3 of 4 divisions, depending on the number of teams. The divisions will be set up depending on their records after player every team.


7 wins = $1.50
8 wins = $3.00
9 wins = $4.50
10 wins = $6.00
11 wins = $7.50
12 wins = $9.00
13 wins = $10.50

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